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About Clara Grace

How I started making soaps

Soaps and other bubbles.....

When I started

Like so many people, we all dream of having our own business and leaving our paid jobs so we can support ourselves and do our own thing. It's a dream we all have, go on admit it, I bet you've had a a simliar thought before......

I knew I wanted my own business and thought itd be a coffee shop selling all lovely gifts and trinkets and possibly books. Thats how it looked in my head anyway.

I also had the idea of creating beauty products, I started to create lots of boards on Pinterest with ideas and recipes on how make soaps, lipbalms and body butters. it was all there, all in my head waiting to happen.

But life got in the way, as it invariably does.

Then 2020 Happened......

Obviously, we all remember 2020, the year of the lockdown and this gave me time at home to think about what I wanted to achieve and to see if it would work.

I started researching soap making and decided to order a few supplies in to see what it was like. I was hooked and I've enjoyed it ever since. There is still so much I want to do and make but I'm getting there and I'm loving the journey so much.

My Name

The name Clara Grace, comes firstly from my Nan, we were really close when I was growing up and I always knew I wanted to carry on her name somehow. My daughter has Clara as a middle name and I also wanted it in my business name.

Grace is because I love lavender, it is my favourite plant and I always have it growing in my garden. When I was thinking of names I searched lavender and it came back as a soothing graceful plant. Hence Grace, I feel it just goes so well with Clara.

Clara Grace

Thank you

Thank you to all of my customers, old and new for supporting me and for buying my products! if you havent already, please sign up and follow for more information, behind the scenes and special offers!

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